Cottage Sawgrass … Claire’s Place

From the novel, "Canary Blues", the coastal Georgia Sawgrass Cottage, home of Claire Beaumont.

In case you're wondering who Claire is, she is a "canary" caught between the normality we're expected to tolerate, and the frenetic reality we really live within.

It's better explained as you journey with Claire through an unimaginable drama.

The cottage in the novel "Canary Blues" was an inspiration of knowing what would make a "canary" comfortable.

Enjoy the journey ... I'll be posting more in days to come,


Hummingbird With Tim Burton Magic

Investing in your natural environment can pay huge dividends.

With patience and practice, a cross section of natures most amazing and picturesque images can be both enjoyed and captured.

Making a commitment to silent observation can produce beautiful ambient rewards.

The Upside of Downsizing

Be sure to check out the booklet: The Upside of Downsizing in the Gift Shop.

By looking at the board you might ask; what does a caftan have to do with downsizing? Being lighthearted through the process of change is one of the intriguing ideas in this booklet.

If you or someone you know is considering downsizing or just starting out in a new home, they may appreciate the concepts in this booklet.

Bye for now...reaching in the closet for my caftan!