Ambient Interior Design

An ambient interior is simply, a natural environment, minus man made, artificial influences such as, noisy technology, clutter and outside demands like bills, marketing and other devices of control.

Natural ambience can be achieved within any style, from modern to country...from rustic to contemporary.

In an ambient interior, you should be able to breathe, to be able to think without influence, to embrace the nurturing part of yourself. As my mother would say, "to be able to hear yourself think."

This workbook is a hands on tool, enabling you to see through the eyes of an interior designer who specializes in natural, layered, ambient interiors.

A workbook by designer and author  Jerri Doyle Mueller

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Canary Blues

Frenetic world, intervals of light and sound at a seizure pace!

Join Neil's awakening in this riveting novel "Canary Blues". As secrets are revealed ... will others heed the warning? Find out in this roller coaster ride.

Claire, a "canary" by design, a "canary" by accident, takes flight. Did you notice her departing?

One man discovers her, understands her ... but can he alone protect the "canary" from the engineers of chaos and control?

Canary Blues ... do you have them?

A novel by  Jerri Doyle Mueller

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