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Frenetic world, intervals of light and sound at a seizure pace!

Join Neil's awakening in this riveting novel "Canary Blues". As secrets are revealed ... will others heed the warning? Find out in this roller coaster ride.

Claire, a "canary" by design, a "canary" by accident, takes flight.

Did you notice her departing?

One man discovers her, understands her ... but can he alone protect the "canary" from the engineers of chaos and control?

Canary Blues ... do you have them?

A novel by  Jerri Doyle Mueller

Meet the Author

"My journey through this life has forced me to address what is in the shadows, the dark, unspoken of places. And as Johnny Mercer's lyrics state: "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." But you see, I've been shoved in ... pushed in, and that too many times to count. I've seen things that my eyes would rather not have seen, and heard things I'd rather not have heard."

"Dealing with things most will never encounter ... at least I hope you will not, I've witnessed great power, good and evil; both wrecking havoc on mere humans. To say my twisted road has been rocky is putting it mildly. Rocky roads, although difficult are, with effort, navigable. Twisted roads, well, they take a little more than determination."

"A life long resident of the deep south, I have a special appreciation for the mystery and suspense inherent in the region and it's people. In particular, hidden agendas, unspoken passions, secret lives."

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