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  • Ambient Interior Design

    Hands-On Workbook … available as download

    This workbook is a hands on tool, enabling you to see through the eyes of an interior designer who specializes in natural, layered, ambient interiors.

    By designer and author J. D. Mueller

  • Canary Blues

    Novel on Ebook … available as download

    Claire, a “canary” by design, a “canary” by accident, takes flight.

    Canary Blues … do you have them? 

    A novel by Jerri Doyle Mueller

  • Breakfast … on the veranda

    Experience a relaxing breakfast on the veranda. A fabric of morning birds and the gentle flow of your garden fountain along with occasional soothing wind chimes.

  • Evening Group … passing storm

    Spend a tranquil evening beside a mountain brook, as a pleasant thunderstorm passes. 
    Wildlife emerges as the calm of night takes over.

  • Dusk … on the beach

    Take a dusk walk on the beach, simply soothing and relaxing. A brief and distant 
    rumble of thunder adds drama to the spectacular sky.

  • Wolf Winds … night gathering

    Gusty winter winds echo through the trees as the pack gathers for their nightly hunt.
    A stag plans to relocate as the hungry chorus draws nearer.

  • Jekyll Island – An Ambient Safari

    A must have for nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, and anyone needing an island escape. Take an audio-visual nature walk through Georgia’s “coastal jewel.”

    From sunrise to sunset, beautiful cinematography and rich natural sound place you in the natural vistas of this island retreat.