Jekyll Island ... An Ambient Safari

Coastal Georgia is a rare and easily accessible natural treasure. Visitors are embraced by a harmonious balance of undisturbed natural beauty and peaceful relaxation. Now, with the Silent Safari Ambient DVD, go on an audio-visual retreat through coastal Georgia’s natural vistas time and time again. Immerse yourself in the images and hear only natural ambient sounds.

  • LIMITED EDITION - Filmed in 2005 ... these locations may never look like this again.
  • Video Format:  DVD, Video, Full Screen, NTSC, Color
  • Audio Format:  AC-3 Stereo
  • Visited the area for it's natural beauty?  Now, enjoy it anytime.
  • Ideal for nature lovers and a bird watcher’s delight!
  • Surround yourself with images and sounds ... sunrise to sunset.

Watch the trailer ... find out more.

Ambient Nature CDs

Select from 4 ambient nature sound fabric CDs. Scenarios include forest streams, coastal dusk, winter wolves, and morning birds.

  • Approximately 60 minutes of evolving sounds.
  • A continuous seamless sound fabric puts you there.
  • Silent Safari does not add brainwave synchronization or subliminal messages.

Available as a duplicated on-demand CD at 44kH 16bit stereo or in high quality downloadable format as a 84 MB single file mp3 at 192 kbps.

Listen to the samples ... find out more.